September 6, 2023

From the Archives: Reshma Saujani: Fertility

This week, She Pivots is doing something a little different. We originally planned to air a conversation with an incredible writer and actor - but she is currently on the picket line advocating for fair wages for her and her fellow actors. In honor of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, we are sharing some resources to support all of the actors and writers striking for better contracts. You can head to the “Our Causes” page on our website to find out how you can support our friends on the picket line.

In the meantime, we’re re-releasing one of our favorite episodes from Season 1. Tune in to hear about Reshma Saujani’s incredible journey that recounts her time running for Congress, starting Girls Who Code, and the deeply personal moment that led her to reevaluate it all - eventually inspiring her to create her current non-profit "Moms First."

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She Pivots was created in partnership with Marie Claire to highlight women, their stories, and how their pivot became their success. To learn more about Reshma and the WGA / SAG-AFTRA strike, follow us on Instagram @ShePivotsThePodcast or visit

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