January 24, 2024

Misty Copeland: Building a Lasting Legacy On (and Off) the Stage

For our Season 3 premiere of She Pivots, host Emily Tisch Sussman sits down with Misty Copeland—principal ballerina with American Ballet Theater, mother, designer, author, and philanthropist. Misty recounts falling in love with ballet, being part of a difficult public custody battle, and the challenges of injuries in her early career. She also opens up about the isolation of being the only Black ballerina in the room, –an experience that drives her advocacy and philanthropy today–and how becoming a mother has shaped her life. (And for the Swifties: Misty talks about how performing with the superstar at the American Music Awards was “an incredible experience.”)
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She Pivots was created by host Emily Tisch Sussman to highlight women, their stories, and how their pivot became their success. To learn more about Misty, follow us on Instagram @ShePivotsThePodcast or visit shepivotsthepodcast.com.

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