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The Washington Post | 2.1.20

“There was no question about who was going to be the nominee."

Business Insider | 1.31.20 

Asked by Emily Tisch Sussman of the podcast “Your Primary Playlist" what Sanders could do this time to unite the party against Trump, Clinton replied, “Well, he can do it, for one.”

HATCHland Blog

"On my podcast, I only interview female experts, not because it’s a podcast for women, but because we have to move the conversation forward and change the perception of women in power by accepting them as experts."

RawStory | 8.10.18

“If that is the best you can do — it is trying to bait people to elections, because they know Republicans are not energized by where the party is right now.”

Bustle | 1.19.18 

"I have been in the progressive movement for over a decade, and my time spent with the women on this committee was one of the most positive organizing experiences I have had."

The Washington Post | 8.28.17

“The Chamber is throwing its weight around to challenge congressional Republicans to act like it's regular times.” 

Politico | 8.20.17

“For Democrats holding a hard line against Republicans and against Trump, they’re in very high favorability with their base and independents right now.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune | 8.15.17 

"Public pressure is the best tool we have against him. Business has been an Achilles heel for him. We feel like there is momentum for more resignations."

Politico | 6.28.17

“Understandably, they still have some deference to process, particularly in the Senate versus the House. … So they’re getting there."

CNN Online | 6.28.17

“People had to see themselves in the victims, because unfortunately, so many people would become the victims. So we started working on the story bank immediately after the election, and it's only grown since then.”

Vice | 6.27.17 

"Democrats are going to have to reconvene the Obama coalition for 2016, and this has very high interest."

Newsweek | 6.3.17

“The best thing for the DNC to do is to recognize and appreciate the grassroots energy, “without trying to bigfoot it.” That, Sussman warns, would just alienate activists further.

MediaITE | 5.18.17

“His spokespeople have not been truthful about the fact that he disclosed confidential information to the Russians. At every step of the way, there’s nothing transparent about this President.”

PBS Newshour Online | 3.3.17 

"Public pressure is one of the most effective tactics [to oppose] this administration."

The New York Times | 3.13.17

“It’s going to be intense,” said Emily Tisch Sussman. “All every group wants to know is how to find out where the town halls are going to be.”

NBC News | 1.19.17

“Telling stories in advocacy is not a new tool, but this issue and this moment need to be humanized and the stories are the way to do it. Obamacare became symbolic and detached from its impacts,” said Emily Tisch Sussman, the group’s campaigns director.

Salon Magazine | 2.8.16

“She had to break a lot of glass ceilings.” Sussman said, and " she supported a lot of women who were doing it along the way."

Marketplace | 2.4.16 

"A piece of that is allowing the government to negotiate with drug companies on Medicare and Medicaid,” said Tisch Sussman. And Tisch Sussmansaid Sanders is opting for universal healthcare, funded by the government.

The Trace | 1.25.16

“Sanders is clearly feeling the heat from progressives that guns are an issue he has to take seriously,” Emily Tisch Sussman, a campaign director at the Center for American Progress, told The Trace. 

NBC News | 1.18.16

“Same -sex marriage had been used as a wedge issue to turn out the conservative base, but Democrats didn’t see it as a safe place to be,” Sussman said. “But the politics really flipped on that, where it became unacceptable for many Democratic voters to have their elected [officials] be against the issue. And we’re starting to see that same evolution on gun issues.”